20 Aug 2014

Caught Up in the Newness

I wasn’t going to blog about music two days in a row, but I couldn’t help it. Everything you touch is a song. Wait a minute… That’s a song too! I digress. I was preparing for one
19 Aug 2014

Did You Know if You Free Your Mind the Rest Will Follow?

I loved the 90′s! It was a great time of some of the best tv sitcoms, rad clothing and unforgettable music. Music videos were king, and I stayed glued to the screen to watch my favorite artists perform
14 Aug 2014

Treehouse Networkshop – LocalFlavorSTL

Everyone’s on social media (literally and figuratively), and it’s not only become a favorite pastime for many but also a vital element of the business sector. Let’s be honest here. It’s a great tool for business development,
13 Aug 2014

Will My Honda Outlive Me?

My Honda Accord is a super trooper. Her name is “Bessie” and she’s been my main source of transportation for the past 8 years. I love my car. She’s one tough cookie, as the old folks say.
12 Aug 2014

Did You Know the Family that Saves Together Stays Together?

Financial stability is important, but it’s one of those areas that many shy away from, especially if you’ve had a bad experience with it or simply not sure how to maintain it. And when we’re not sure